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Dec 25, 2009

This Christmas Morning, the Dopefiend returns to send his Christmas message to the Stoner Nation, with the help of Entheo-pundit Max Freakout, Visionary Artists Podcaster, author and DopeTriber Alexander Beiner aka Ostritt, and santa's elves Squidgy Sid and G13. Settling down in the Dope Den for an early morning session, the Dopefiend starts by unveiling his current stash which features many superstars of the Cannabis world, then selecting the twelve strains of Christmas which are going to bring joy to the DopeTribe on this festive day. Turning to Squidgy Sid while filling a bag of Arjan's Haze, the Dopefiend talks about the momentous past year and the many DopeTribe highlights of the last twelve months, with honourable mentions for the Big Chill, now under threat from the corporate stewardship of Festival Republic, Ostritt's first visit to Burning Man, and how Nitrous Oxide enhanced both expeditions. Refilling the trusty Volcano Digit with some Jack Herer for the next round, the DopeTribers talk about the best ways to vape or smoke hash, and whether the iolite might be too much of a good thing for many stoners, the loss of memory associated with heavy cannabis use, and what is the optimum temperature for vaporization. Throwing a Northern Lights/New York City Diesel cross into the mix, and almost interrupted by the threat of one of Sid's notorious whiteys, the Dopefiend turns to Alexander Beiner to talk about his 2009, the success of the brand new Visionary Artists Podcast, and what constitutes Visionary Art, with some talk about James Cameron's new psychedelic masterpiece Avatar. The conversation then turns to the subject of "coming out" as a user of mind-altering substances and how it affects working life, and whether the balance of power will ever shift in favour of the freaks, with Max Freakout joining in to give his perspective from higher education, and Squidgy Sid also commenting. Following a wild interruption from G13, and a fresh bag of Grapefruit, the DopeTribe are beginning to show considerable confusion about the range of strains on display, and the Dopefiend turns to a rousing musical interlude for calming purposes. Suitably calmed, the Dopefiend fires up the iolite portable vaporizer with some Nebula while the Volcano takes on New York City Diesel, and the gathered DopeTribers talk about mushrooms and LSD and the best way to store both, before moving on to more philosophical climes with a conversation about whether consciousness exists beyond death while sampling some KC Haze Special in the Volcano, and testing out the iolite's new hash-oriented ultra-fine gauze herb chamber with some Juicy Fruit bubblehash. Piling on some G13 x Sweet Haze, the tribe discuss differing attitudes to cannabis use in different countries around the globe, and the various run-ins with law enforcement experienced by those in attendance. Next on the menu, Homegrown Fantasy Cheese almost annihilates G13, then Bubblegum and Master Kush complete the twleve strains of Christmas as the stoners talk about their plans for Christmas Day and Max Freakout's new grow operation. Email, send us a voicemail, and check out the forum.

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Playlist: Mahalia Jackson - Silent Night (46bliss Remix); Okkervil River - Listening To Otis Redding At Home During Christmas; Lloyd Seivright - Mary's Boy Child; Byron Lee and the Dragonaires - Winter Wonderland Reggae; Joe Williams - Jingle Bells (Bombay Dub Orchestra Remix); the Cimarons - Silent Night and White Christmas; Håkan Lidbo - Christmas in Utopia; Byron Lee and the Dragonaires - Silver Bells; Honey Boy - Away in a Manger and Jingle Bells; Winston Groovy - Merry Christmas; Tennesse Brown and the Silvertones - Jingle Bells; Nikashra - Joy to the World; Munchener Freiheit - Keeping The Dream Alive; The Aggrovators - Christmas Medley; Tennessee Brown and the Silvertones - Little Drummer Boy; Dobby Dobson - White Christmas; Jackie Edwards - Christmas Medley Part 1; Boris Gardiner - The Meaning Of Christmas; Lee Perry and Sandra Robinson- Merry Christmas Happy New Year; Wain Nelson - Santa Claus; The Gable School Choir - Reggae Christmas; John Holt - I Believe In Father Christmas; The Heavy Beat Crew - Have A Merry Christmas; Jackie Edwards - Christmas Medley Part 2

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over fourteen years ago

great episode, merry christmas

over fourteen years ago

Guys! That was a GREAT cast! I really enjoyed the philosophical debate. I didn\'t hear anyone mention the idea that consciousness as we experience it being an after effect, a sort of left over of simple decision making. There was an article a while back in the Journal:Emotion (a psychology publication) about consciousness being generated when differing options were available (decision), essentially if we are presented with two differing options, say right and left, the need to choose one OR the other generate the consciousness needed for the moment... because our brains store these calculations as memory we are essentially the sum of our decisions (an idea I believe writers capitalized on with the Battlestar Galactica series). For me, the idea of being the sum of my decisions lends that my decision processes define a bipolar cycle (a sign wave, or VIBRATION) individualistic to my personality or consciousness that may have the ability to continue on after my body has died, however the degree to which those intergrally ME calculations and vibrations stay together or are dispersed I believe to be a matter of finding harmony (in whatever fashion is available to the individual) and in doing so continuing those on in similar combinations during reincarnation... this to me would be the eternal life that many religions speak of... in sense immortality.

I hope I didn\'t ramble too much, this subject can get pretty intense. I don\'t subscribe to a religion as I believe religions to be stuck in time and history, wereas we are constantly evolving and religion aims to keep tradition which is unchanging, however many religions, even newer religions such as scientology have these aspects of a smaller unit of consciousness... christianity has angels and demons, muslims have angels and the jinn, countless pagans have fairies, pixies, gnomes and imps... all of which are said to aid, prank, benefit and stupify the minds of humans... sounds sort of like little consciousnesses.