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Apr 3, 2006

In this week's episode of the Web's Favourite Cannabis Podcast: the Dopefiend talks about DXM- cough syrup with an added extra, The truth behind the propaganda in stories on Cannabis Psychosis and child drug use in the UK, some more Salvia stories, a question about mushroom use and news on UK Cannabis Factories,a new Chinese drug test and the Indian approach to the demand for herbal relief.

almost eighteen years ago

You\'re wise to avoid Robo-tripping. Just before spring break I had a close friend who lives on campus with me hospitilized. He had started dosing DXM just about daily (we has legitimately sick at first but then just got addicted it seemed). He was checked in for substance abuse, and was identified as being psychotic. He had to go to an institution for 6 days before he got a grip on what was going on and realize he was actually crazy. He\'s finally recovering, but he will never be quite the same.

almost eighteen years ago

I have some friends who abused DXM or drix as they called it. One of my friends used it so often that he had to re-learn how to speak. Large amounts of the drug will definitely affect how the brain functions in a damaging manner.
It is upsetting that I was taught in school about the dangers of Marijuana, and that it leads to other drugs. But they do not even touch upon house-hold drugs like N20 in whip cream or DXM in Robotussin, which in effect leads one to believe MJ is more harmful, when it is actually the least harmful of any recreational drug. But this type of mis-education is not surprising when many public schools here in the States believe abstinence only sex-education is effective, while that way of thinking does nothing to prevent the spread of STDs. These ways of thinking do more harm than good. Some people need to get off their high horse and get real on usefull education. Or just go do some research before you put something in your body.
People need to be aware of the risk involved in thier choice of adult recreation so that they can take the proprer precautions to heart and prevent damage to the wellbeing of themselves and others.